How to make a delicious "tarte aux pommes" by Clemence & Aurore (video)

Publié le par Marielle Bianchi

Clémence and Aurore were the first to record the recipe of their favourite dessert last year but they never managed to download the short film from their camcorder to their computer...they tried and tried...and  they
eventually decided to make another cake !

Here it is : la tarte aux pommes !

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Clémence 20/01/2010 21:06

On aura eu du mal... mais on y est arrivé! ^^

Marielle Bianchi 20/01/2010 21:08

michelecamlann 14/01/2010 10:52

Well done the pomme-pomme girls!

Marielle Bianchi 14/01/2010 21:41

Chouettes élèves...