My first brownies ! Try again...

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644108_130731723767757_513250055_n.jpgI kept my promise and brought homemade chocolate brownies to school this morning.

My "3ème euro students" have treated me to delicious cakes for several months now, so I thought it was my turn - on "brevet blanc" day -  to bring something sweet to eat !

Marion, another mousepotato teaching in Dreux, shared her most popular recipe with me : brownies

I followed her recipe very carefully but the brownies did not really look like those lovely little brown squares you  usually call brownies...

I felt somewhat embarrassed but my students obviously loved them !

Click on the picture to get Marion's recipe !

Thank you Ariane for taking and sending the picture !

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MMG 15/02/2013 20:11

As long as it tasted right... you did it right !

Marielle Bianchi 15/02/2013 20:16

Pédagogie de l'encouragement ?? (je sais pas comment on dit en anglais et j'ai pas envie de chercher)

MMG 15/02/2013 00:05

My brownies are famous now, great !

I must say I didn't recognize my recipe on the photo... but I'm sure they were just as good as mine !

Hope you enjoyed them.

Marielle Bianchi 15/02/2013 20:05

It doesn't look like brownies at all, it looks like a mixture of chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs and flour !