My schooltrip to England by Valérian (3°€)

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Here is another very good traditional work. 0103-copie-1.jpg

I wish Valérian had sent me his work by mail which would have been easier for me and a lot more comfortable for you to read but for some reason my students never meet my demands for mails...I guess they're not used to checking and sending mails...not yet...lucky them !

Travail GB Valérian P 1Travail GB Valérian p2Travail-GB-Valerian-p3-3-copie-1.jpegTravail GB Valérian p4Travail GB Valérian p5Travail GB Valérian p6Travail GB Valérian p7Travail GB Valérian p8Travail GB Valérian p9
Retour au sommaire des travaux d'élèves...
Retour au sommaire du voyage en GB...

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renee maufroid 22/01/2010 19:42

Super work, your English is very good.
You obvioulsy had a great time.
Makes me feel like going to GB again!

R Maufroid