"Don't you know ?" ( A song/video from EL-T-Funk / The present simple)

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J'ai découvert il y a peu ces chansons-rap. Je ne dirais pas que j'adoreCapture-d-ecran-2013-04-09-a-21.25.50.jpg mais j'en aime beaucoup certaines dont celle-ci sur le présent simple.

J'ai noté le texte en ajoutant quelques traductions mais la plupart du temps, les images parlent d'elles-mêmes.

Écoutez et fredonner, vous verrez, vous retiendrez !


Planes fly

The wind blows

Babies cry

The Moon glows

The sun shines

Plants grow

You ask me why

Don't you know ?

A bell rings

Bands play

A bird sings

People pray

The present simple : it's not hard !

I am, he/she/it is, you are

You don't have to be a star !

Give yourself a break. (= accordez-vous une pause / give me a break = laisse-moi respirer)

We learn each day from the mistakes we make.

Relax. Repeat.

Don't be tense !

The present simple will start to make sense.

How do we use it ?

The most common way is to talk about the things

that we do every day

I sleep

She thinks

You eat

He cleans

These are our habits,

our daily routines.

I go there often.

She works every night.

We meet on Tuesdays

They're sometimes right

We use it when something is always true,

like geese fly south and cows go "moo"

For general actions :

Sue drives a car

Anne paints pictures

and Jack plays the guitar

A knife cuts

Wheels turn

A door shuts

Fires burn

Balls bounce

A dog barks 

Cats pounce (pounce = bondir)

A car parks

Pens write

A pie bakes

Teeth bite

A glass breaks

You need to know the contractions with the verb "to be" :

it's, I'm, you're, we're, they're, he's, and she's

Don't worry

It's a breeze !

Follow these 3Rs !

Even negative structures aren't hard !

I'm not a bad guy

She's not in school.

He isn't kind

Now, that's not cool.

They aren't rich

We're not at home

Is it time to make questions ?

Indeed, let's go !

Am I loud enough ?

Is it easy to hear ?

Are you into this tune ?

Are the examples clear ?


EL-T-Funk !

Are we strong ?

We're strong

So keep on !

I hope everybody follows along to this song

Mountains form

A hose sprays

The Earth warms

Hair grays

Food spoils

A cut bleeds

Water boils

A plan succeeds

A horn beeps

Eyes blink

A broom sweeps

Ships sink

Bubbles pop (pop = crever)

A barrel rolls

Buses stop

A couple strolls

Tape sticks

Storms hit

A pin pricks

Clothes fit

Ovens cook

A bomb explodes

Eyes look

A truck unloads

Snakes hiss

A floor creaks

Shots miss

A roof leaks

A lemon squirts (squirt = gicler)

Planets revolve

The truth hurts

Ideas evolve

A flower blooms

Windows close

A rocket zooms

Models pose

A frog jumps

Boxes stack

An elbow bumps (bump = cogner)

Armies attack

Paper rips (rip = déchirer)

Trees shade

A cup chips (chip = ébrécher)

Memories fade

Computers crash

Paint peels

Colours clash

A wound heals

Planes fly

The wind blows

You ask me why

Don't you know ?

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