"Australia", a movie review by Charline (4°3)

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"During Noel's holidays, I went to see with my cousin " Australia "... It is the film which is in subtitled French English. it takes 3 hours.

_Summary :_

/In  North Australia, at the end of the 30s :/

Lady Sarah Ashley, haughty and uncommunicative English aristocrat, arrives in the heart of the wild landscapes of Australia and has to manage a gigantic domain. Forced to save the exploitation to leave selling 2 000 heads of cattles to thousands of kilometres, she needs help of a a boorish cowboy./This adventure through lands so magnificent as inhospitable of the country will transform these two persons. At the end of their trip, the city of Darwin has to face the Japanese bombardments. /

*I find that it is a very beautiful  film. (it) is also very captivating. You have to go to it  without delaying more".*


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