The great trip to England by David (3°€) (Slideshow)

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David.jpgWell...David is really "something else" ! He seems to be miles away sometimes...quite puzzling at times..."oh, you said so, I'm sorry, I thought you said...I understood that...and I have so much homework I always have something more important to do..." but at the same time, he is a very sweet teenager with a great sense of humour and as he was brought up in both English (his mother's Welsh) and French, he's fluent in English ; he's also a good writer. I've been asking him to write articles on the blog since I created the blog but in vain...Well, David, as your slideshow is not bad at all, you're forgiven...(this last sentence is an answer to the last one of his slideshow...)

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renee maufroid 22/01/2010 19:35

Great Video!
I love your choice of music, "Here comes the sun" is one of my favourite songs.
Some of your pics are really great like the breakfast table or the statue with the gull.

Congratulations for your excellent work.

R Maufroid