One year in "option euro" by Andrys K. (3°)

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Summary of only one but amazing year in the "English Section"


I joined the English Section at the beginning of my last year at school.

In my previous school, the "European English course" had an other name and we studied English differently.

Because of that, when I arrived at Marengo school I was a little bit afraid: it wasn’t my cup of tea...but I quickly overcame my fears and my worries thanks to the students who were really nice and welcomed me with open arms. Our teacher really helped me. She gave me advice to work more than I could and do my best.

Everything we did was very interesting for me.

We learned grammar; we worked on food and food idioms but also on recipes.  However the best part was the tea time...this moment in the morning was really nice because we shared some cakes and biscuits which allowed us to know more from each other.

It has been really important for me because I was a new student in that class with students who had been together for a year.

We did some analyses of paragraphs, phonetics which was new for me because I had never done that before.

We did some P.P.C which helped me not to be afraid to speak in front of people and to be who I really am.

We learnt working methods to work better in English but also in other subjects like French or Spanish.

We worked on a novel, Private Peaceful. If someone had told me I would have read a book in English, I would have answered: “No way…it’s impossible. I wouldn’t do it for all the tea in China” but I did and it has been really interesting because the novel wasn’t translated. It allowed me to understand better and to learn more about different themes which are part of our life like love, friendship, relationship, death, war, etc. therefore it was a good experience.

Now we are at the end of the year and it will be our last class together tomorrow. I’m sad to go to high school because I guess "the English Section" will not be as friendly as it is now. We’ll not share cakes and biscuits; we’ll not have an open minded, kind and joyful teacher as we have now. I’m feeling nostalgic when I remember all we have done because we have learnt many essential things. It has brought me something totally different than what I expected… it is better!

I met extraordinary people who are my friends now whereas the first day I didn’t know anyone and I was the new girl not in town but in the "English Section". Now I’m feeling like a member of this family. I’m also feeling nostalgic because everything is ending now and all we have lived this year has been incredible and unbelievable for me. I couldn’t have dreamt better.

It has been unique.


Andrys K.

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