Auld Lang Syne !

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"That is a song millions of Americans will hear this New Year’s Eve. 
It is called “Auld Lang Syne.” 
It is the traditional music played during the New Year’s celebration. 
Auld Lang Syne is an old Scottish poem. 
It tells about the need to remember old friends. 
The words “auld lang syne” mean “old long since.” 
No one knows who wrote the poem first.  However, a version by Scottish poet Robert Burns was published in seventeen ninety-six. 
The words and music we know today first appeared in a songbook three years later. 
The song is sung in the United States mainly on New Year’s Eve." 
(Click here to listen to Voice of America's special program and read the transcript)

Now, click here to learn the song. (from

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If you wish to know more about the song, click here. (Wikipedia) 

230px-Robert_burns.jpgAnd here is a page on its author : Robert Burns


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michele camlann 06/01/2010 12:53

Excellent way to learn a song!!! And Robert Burns is such an important Romantic poet to learn about, especially when it comes to mention his power to transmit  the Scottish language...
Abba is not bad to learn English either...I just saw "Mamma Mia": good film for Abba fans...
"Happy New Year"

Marielle Bianchi 06/01/2010 18:08

Thank you Michele ! Well, i think I'm going to prepare a lesson on Robert Burns...and his poems. Have you ever taught part of his work ? Abba...always funny to teach them old songs...
Take care !