My summer vacation at my grandparents' in Okayama by Corentin (ex 5°3)

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I've arrived in Okayama at my grandparents's house.t02200293_0768102412635672885.jpg

Okayama is between Osaka and Hiroshima. They are near the inland sea.okayama

Since my arrival, I visited two temples in Fukuoka : Kushida et Tocho

In the second temple, I saw the big Buddha.

In the temple, we could see Hell and Paradise. 

In the evening I saw the the Emperor's son.

I visited a museum at the "Hakata t02200293 0768102412639374843yamakasa" (it is a festival) where men carry a sanctuary.

Then , I saw a creator of dolls and we saw  women create a kimono with a very tall machine .

We tried to create kimonos .We made one centimetre in 15 minutes.. . t02200293 0768102412635670894

On Tuesday I visited a beer factory ; the factory is bigger than seven stadiums.

o0450060012639377376On Saturday I went to a museum for insects. I saw a lot of insects . On the basement we could touch insects (butterfly , caterpiller and beetle) .

The next day I went to the sea . The sea was hot 104°F then, at three o'clock I must come back because there was a storm coming .Five minutes later it was raining cats and dogs.

That week my sister went to japan school .She was very happy.She found a lot of friends.t02200165_0640048012626707966.jpg

Two days later I went to Tokyo .Tokyo is very big. I couldn't see Fuji mountain because of a lot of clouds .

Even in japan we find wine !

Toutes les photos sont extraites du blog de la maman de Corentin :



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jacquet 26/08/2013 13:24

Bonjour madame Poulou  vous parlez bien japonais j'espère vous avoir moi aussi comme prof de maths.

P.Poulou 24/08/2013 15:52

Corentin-kun wa itsu Fukuoka ni imashita ka? hakata yamakasa o-matsuri o mimashita ka? Okayama ni wa uraja o-matsuri o mimashita ka?

watashi mo natsu yasumi ni Fukuoka ni ikimashita...

omoshiroi desu ne!

Pascale Poulou, qui aura peut-être le plaisir d'avoir Corentin comme élève cette année...en espérant que Corentin voudra bien lui donner quelques cours de japonais en échange de quelques leçons
de maths!