A life-changing decision by Manon (Tle L / lycée Fermat, Toulouse)

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Merci Manon pour cet article reçu ce matin dans mes mails et qui m'a fait sourire de plaisir en ce premier jour de congés de printemps...Merci !

Une belle ode à la section "L" et un bel exercice de réflexion sur l'orientation !

Manon était au collège Marengo il y a donc quatre ans, en option "euro". Elle manifestait déjà en français comme en anglais un goût prononcé pour la littérature.

Je me souviens avoir découvert cette élève discrète lors du dernier voyage en Cornouailles que j'ai organisé au collège...Nous descendions des ruines du château du roi Arthur à Tintagel, je discutais avec Manon qui m'a alors parlé de ses lectures en...anglais...Une découverte et un ravissement pour le prof que j'étais et que je suis encore...

Je lui souhaite de réussir dans la voie qu'elle a choisie après mûre réflexion ! Merci.


541673 10200565751260318 585406610 nA life-changing decision ? 
At the end of my first year of high school I decided to specialize in literature. I had always been really passionate about languages, history and French literature ; so, it only seemed right for me to choose that. Moreover I already knew that I wanted to be a lawyer so I went ahead and decided to face to face the "unemployment danger" that everyone would rant on about. At this time I didn't really give a care about it , I just wanted to fulfill my dreams and expectations in life and it really did pay off. I got to really enjoy attending my classes and even doing my homework became less of a pain. I'm nearing the end of my last year of high school now and can honestly say that it helped me building up a real project for my future and that choosing an L section wasn't as much of a crazy idea as people seemed to think it was . Indeed, it taught me that no matter how much you wish to satisfy the ones you love ( or even just live up to "world's expectations" ) you can only seek happiness and personal fulfillment into your own dreams and values. The training I received gave me new opportunities to learn more about the profession of lawyer and had me realize that what would suit me most would be to work as an international lawyer. These two years of high school gave me new dreams, in a way , new aims to achieve and I wish for no more than to get this baccalaureate done and over with so I can start prancing towards my dream.

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