The Muppet Show ! How to make "un clafoutis aux pommes" by Jules & Martin (4° option euro)

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Our two chefs today are Martin & Jules (behind Martin)

and they're happy to show you

how to make "un clafoutis aux pommes" !

Watch and enjoy the muppet show !


"Clafoutis aux pommes"


Ingredients :

         -3 apples

         -2 dl of milk

         -3 eggs

         -100g of sugar

         -120g of flour

         -some butter



         -a wooden spoon

         -a wisk

         -a dish

         -a mixing bowl

         -a meusuring glass



         Break and beat the eggs with the sugar, add the flour and mix



         Pour the milk slowly in the mixture



         Butter the dish



         Peel the apples and cut them



         Add the apples to the mixture and distrub them



Preheat the oven to 180°C.When the oven is preheat put the clafoutis and cook for 30 minutes



         Enjoy & eat a delicious apple clafoutis

Click here to download the recipe

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C DUFFAU 01/07/2009 19:38

I love the oven-glove muppet! Did he eat the clafoutis too? Great work!

Marielle Bianchi 05/09/2009 18:31

I wonder...Thanks for your post ! Marielle

Candice 04/06/2009 17:58

Je n'ai pas pu voir la vidéo, elle est privée apparement enfin c'est bizarre..

Marielle Bianchi 21/06/2009 02:47

C'est corrigé.