How to make "un gâeau au chocolat et au yourt" by Victor (4° option euro)

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Our chef today is Victor !

He's happy to show you how to make "un gâteau au chocolat et au yaourt !"

Watch and Enjoy !

Yoghurt and chocolate cake



You will need the following ingredients :

- 1 yoghurt (Which will be used as a jigger for the flour, the sugar and the oil)

- 2 yoghurt's pots of flour

- 1 ½ yoghurt's pots of sugar

- ¾ yoghurt's pot of oil

- 3 eggs

- 1 packet of baking powder

- 200 g of chocolate


STEP 1 :

Preheat the oven at 180 °C.


STEP 2 :

Melt the chocolate.


STEP 3 :

During this, mix all the other ingredients.


STEP 4 :

Add the chocolate melted at the mixture.


STEP 5 :

Butter a cake pan and pour the mixture into it.


STEP 6 :

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 °C.


STEP 7 :

You can serve and eat the cake ! MIAM !

  Click here to download the recipe !



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R Maufroid 30/05/2009 13:24

Great work, young man! I'm sure your cake tastes delicious,I will give it a try.RM

C Duffau 30/05/2009 09:42

As you say: "Miam!" - it looks delicious. Great work!

C Duffau 30/05/2009 09:40

As you say: "Miam!" ... it looks delicious. Thanks!