How to make "un gâteau au yaourt au soja" by Gaspard (4° option euro)

Publié le par Marielle Bianchi


Our chef today is Gaspard and he's glad to show you how to make a soya yogurt cake !
You most certainly think "soya ? Yuk !!! Never !"Well, I've tasted Gaspard's cake and I can tell you it's absolutely delicious ! Try it and you'll ask for some more !


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for more details 14/10/2014 11:56

I never heard about a combination of Soya and Yogurt, and preparing cake with those two. Anyway I will give this a try at home and see how it tastes. I love preparing new dishes for my family.

Colibrius 27/12/2011 21:09

Love the little hand at the end of the video trying to catch some little pearls! The recipe seems great too, very interesting when you need to use quickly many soy yogurts ( = quite often with
me!); I'll try it!

Catherine DUFFAU 21/05/2009 10:43

This looks delicious. I think I'll put chocolate powder on the top!!Catherine Duffau, English teacher from Montpellier

Marie 4°1 20/05/2009 18:08

Mdrr la vidéo

Marielle Bianchi 20/05/2009 21:17

Eh Marie, si on essayait quelques synonymes pour MDR ? ...

Candice 20/05/2009 14:10

La vidéoo est trèès bien aussii :)Le gateau était très boon :p

Marielle Bianchi 20/05/2009 21:15

Je confirme ! Tous les mardi et tous les jeudi, j'ai droit à des gâteaux, un plaisir que je ne boude pas je dois dire...

Renée 20/05/2009 06:53

WOW!!! this looks and sounds great. I'll give this recipe a try.Way to go young man!Renée