How to make a yummy chocolate cake by David & Valérian (4°option euro)

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David & Valérian are happy to show you how to make their favourite French dessert ! Watch the video, try this scrumptious chocolate cake !

Our two chefs : David (on the left) and Valérian (on the right)
NB : David's mother is Welsh and he speaks English fluently which speak English...not to cook ! ;)

How to make

a yummy chocolate cake






The following recipe serves 8 people.




To make a chocolate cake, you will need the following ingredients:



110g of black chocolate, 100g of butter, 100g of sugar, 200g of flour, 3 eggs, a small spoon of yeast and 1 vanilla essence.

And now a quick summary of the utensils that you will need:

A wooden spoon

A mixing bowl




A spatula

A small saucepan

A big saucepan

A cake mould

A fork


Switch on the oven


Spread the butter and the flower in the mould


Melt the chocolate with a little bit of water in the small saucepan



Mix the butter and the sugar; the mixture should be like mousse



Add eggs one by one into the mixture; add the chocolate, the flour, the yeast and the vanilla. Mix all the ingredients together.



Put the mixture in the mould


Put in the oven for 5 min with a very hot temperature then put in the oven with a normal temperate.

Don’t open the oven before 35-40min and check if it’s cooked with a knife. If the knife is clean, the cake is cooked


Remove the cake from the mould and wait a moment for the cake to cool down, and then eat it, bon appetit !


Click here to download the recipe !

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Marie 4°1 23/05/2009 00:18

Mdr David sa faisait longtemps que je t'avais pas entendu parler anglais XDVous auriez pu filmer vos visages =PMais bon faut pas rêver, des garçons qui font la cuisine c'est déjà bien mdr

Florinda FERNANDES 21/05/2009 12:20

I'm really addicted to chocolate cakes and this one seems delicious ! Yummy !Thank you guys and thanks to your teacher for this wonderful recipe !!

Marielle Bianchi 22/05/2009 08:59

I'm addicted to chocolate too =! ;)

Catherine DUFFAU 21/05/2009 10:51

Great video, the cake looks delicious.Catherine Duffau, English teacher from Montpellier

sylviane vialaneix 21/05/2009 10:16

Congratulations young men ! Your seem to be ready to become great chefs!Your cake sounds and looks really yummy. Lucky teacher !Best regards and give us some more 'video experiences'. Really enjoyable.Sylviane Vialaneix (professeur)

Candice 20/05/2009 14:04

La vidéo est très bien faite !! :)

Marielle Bianchi 20/05/2009 21:16

Je crois que nous n'avons pas goûté ce gâ me trompe ? La vidéo est excellente même si Valérian n'est pas très bavard...Merci les garçons !

Renée 20/05/2009 06:57

Yummy yummy!your video is excellent, I know it's a lot of work.Congratulations to you and your teacher.Renée