Girl on a motorcycle, a bookreview by Irène (6°3)

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As most of her enthusiastic classmates, Irène went to The English bookshop (17, rue Lakanal, Toulouse) (went est le passé de go) - I asked all of them to go there... - told the bookseller about her reading tastes and habits, how good she is in English... and she bought a "starter" by Oxford University Press, for the first time. (bought est le passé de buy = acheter).

"Oxford Bookworm Starters are for students who have only just begun learning English
(begun est le participe passé du verbe begin qui signifie commencer). The stories are all written in the present tense (written est le participe passé du verbe write), using carefully graded language to boost confidence (boost = stimuler / confidence =confiance).
Starters mean that beginners can now read and enjoy a good story from beginning to end."

Here is her book review, well-done as usual !
It's written in French because it's still quite difficult for beginners to write a summary in English.

If you find it interesting, why not borrow the book from Irène ? I'm sure she'll be delighted to lend it to you ! She's a lovely student ! (lend = prêter / borrow = emprunter)

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