My trip to Dominican Republic by Ema, 5°2

Publié le par Marielle Bianchi

During my April holidays I went to fabulous country. This country's name is Republica DOMINICANA.

I took the fly , the trip was longer than a school day. But it was the price to pay.

The Republica DOMINICANA was a little isle between Haïty. The weather was very beautiful and
even if I do becarful I took a lot of sunstroke. Fruit were particuliary delicious, bananas and pineapples
were very juicy.

I saw flamingo, turtle and beautiful birds.the see was very blue and I love coconut palm on the beach.
It was very great but after 7 days I must go back to home, and this holidays was finish.

Ema, 5°2...

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MaRii£ 12/05/2008 14:27

ta du t'éclater comme une folle xD

jules 05/05/2008 10:34

ça donne envie d'y allert'a de la chance !!!!