Why is it so hard to learn English ? (with audio ! )

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You've all experienced how difficult it is to pronounce English words and if you ask your teacher for the rules of English pronunciation, he will most probably answer "Well...I'm not sure...practice makes perfect !".

Here are a few tricky sentences recorded by my colleague Darren Rigby (ac. Montpellier) who promised he would introduce himself on the blog soon...Thank you, Darren !

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Kianbu 22/04/2008 08:59

Hi,I think there are pronunciation rules... and also a lot of exceptions! For example, there is a rule that implies that you would stress every syllable preceding an -ics, like phoNEtics.And there's another rule that implies that you would have to pronounce a long diphtongue in a one syllable word if two vowels are separated with only one consonant: stAte, for example.