"Ensemble, c'est tout", a book review by Cassandre (3°3)

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Ensemble, c’est tout de Anna Gavalda


This book tells the story of 4 people :

-         Camille, who draws, she does the housework, and lives in a little flat.

-         Philibert, an aritoscrat, who lodges

-         Franck, a cook, who loves girls, motor bikes and

-         Paulette, franck’s grand mother, who lives alone, and falls a lot, frightened not to die in her house.

These four people will meet. They are alone, lost ... But they will help each other to live happily together.


It’s a beautiful book, I’m not sure that it could please anyone,

But I liked it, I don’t know why, it made me cry because it could happen to someone, one day.



I think the “4ème and the 3ème” can read it.
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