5°2 Have you ever heard traditonnal Irish music ?

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Remember Cyril's presentation on his family trip to Ireland last year ?
You watched some beautiful pictures of Ireland and also listened to Irish music by "the Celts". Why not look at his presentation one more time ?


This year, Matt Mackensie (the main character in your book) is at Sean's, his Irish penpal, for his holidays and Sean's parents work in a pub in Castetown.
In a pub, you can drink beer (Guiness is the most famous beer there), meet friends but you can also listen to traditionnal music and sing !


Here is quite an interesting activity created by Estelle Piron. Thank you Estelle !

Find out what Irish instruments look and sound like.

Close your eyes and let your imagination carry you away to Eire (Gaelic name for The Emerald Island). It's such a wonderful country !

Why not ask your parents to help you do the guessin game ?...

Click on the picture to download the document ; it's printable.

Listen to the 15 audio files by clicking on the play button below.


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Marie 5°2 08/01/2008 20:15

j'arrive pas a voir le diaporama de Cyril !!!!

Marielle Bianchi 26/01/2008 13:19

Merci, le lien doit être rompu, je m'en occupe !