The Ghost Train, a story written and read aloud by Jeanne (5°4)

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The Ghost Train

                      It was a foggy day. Brian wasn't lucky because he had to go to his new job.

He was going to work but it was far away, so he decided to ride the train.

Brian was looking for the station but it was hard to see across the street. He was looking for someone to tell him the way to the station when he heard the train pulling into the station.

He got on the train but he was alone. There was no sound at all. Brian looked around him and he calmly sat on a bench.

Brian was reading his magasine when the train accelerated.

He ran into the driver's cabin, he opened the door but there wasn't anyone on the chair. He heard three terrible screams. He was petrified. He closed his eyes to think more clearly.

He opened his eyes. The train was stopping. He got off the train.

He was still running when he realized he was in an amusement park...

The End


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